Terms of Service Agreement


While every effort is made during the first visit to cover the most likely and pertinent issues relative to a cleaning session, customers are requested to agree to these terms and conditions, by accepting Marvel Maids, Inc. services.  By accepting our service, you also authorize us to use any alarm codes, key codes or keys we have to access your home for the cleaning visit.

I have supplied my credit card number, understanding that it could be used to exact a fee of $120 for each cleaning, if I do not give Marvel Maids, Inc. at least 48 business hours notice of a change or cancellation. In the event of a lockout caused by the fact that the cleaners were turned away at the last minute; or that no-one was home to let the cleaners in, or that there was a problem with my keys, the fee will be the full amount of the cleaning.  I also authorize the credit card on file to be used to bill my cleaning service amount due.

Marvel Maids does not undertake to wash dishes, do laundry or excessive “tidying up” on a first visit, unless sufficient time is allowed for same.   Marvel Maids does not undertake to wash blinds.  Dishes and laundry are only available with specified level service, unless other prior arrangements have been made.

Our employees are appreciative when you secure your pets and pick up after them before our arrival.  We do not pick up any pet waste.

I accept that Marvel Maids, Inc. does not warrant any particular result, such as a landlord’s returned cleaning deposit or “thoroughly clean” premises. I understand that while every effort will be made to achieve the desired result in the time frame ordered, working through my supplied list of priority items, or through Marvel Maids, Inc.’s own methods, their responsibility is limited to providing the cleaning labor as the agreement specifies, and accordingly I understand that completion of all or any tasks scheduled, cannot be guaranteed.  If I want "extras" to be done above and beyond a general cleaning, I understand that I need to specify those needs in writing and they will be completed, if and only if time permits.  I also understand that ceilings, walls, high shelves, outside windows and any other areas that would require use of a step-stool or ladder will not be cleaned, per insurance regulations.

I also accept and understand that poor service, breakage or theft in our home must be reported within 24 hours from my service date. Failure to do so will entitle customer to nothing.  Marvel Maids, Inc. takes steps beyond the norm to insure that we are hiring the most trustworthy people.  Although we have not had any problems, as a precaution, we would ask that you secure special paintings, artwork, items of extreme sentimental value, items that are extremely expensive, items that are rare to find, jewelry, cash, coins and paper money prior to any cleaning visit.  Please let us know of any items that may be sentimental or valuable to you, so that we may use extra caution.  Again, it is always recommended that such items are secured before our arrival.

Billing is done via Credit Card.  If your credit card is declined, you may be subject to additional charges of up to but not limited to $25.00.

Please email us if you are not satisfied with the quality of our work.  It is also appreciated if you let the teams know that they are doing a great job.  They immediately receive any feedback you leave them in response to the rating email.  We receive requests about whether it is common to tip or not.  It is common in this industry to tip.  You are welcome to tip the team members, if they are going above and beyond and providing service that you feel deserves a tip.

It may be necessary to re-assess your home and your needs during the terms of this agreement.

Customers who wish to employ Marvel Maids, Inc. staff directly should be aware that the advertising, servicing, and training of these professionals are extremely costly.  Any outside utilization of our personnel, who are in our employ now, or were in our employ within the last 6 months, will automatically create an “Employment Placement Service” situation and incur a minimum employment service placement fee of $16,000. By accepting our service, you confirm understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions.  In addition to the Employment Placement Service fee, Marvel Maids, Inc. will seek reasonable private investigator and attorney’s fees, if this agreement is violated by Customer.

New clients can take comfort in Marvel Maids, Inc. service statistics.   We have been servicing our customers since 1979.   Where we have achieved an ongoing maintenance level in these homes, our degree of customer satisfaction is top of the industry standard.   Complaints from regular customers are almost unheard of.